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Why Scalability is Crucial When Selecting a CNC Precision Machining Company

The first and most obvious question you ask when looking at a would-be CNC machining company is, “Can they meet our needs.”

However, this is really a two-part question. Can they meet your needs today? And will they be able to meet your needs as you scale your business in the future?

It’s important to avoid having tunnel vision and only seeing the present. Ideally, you want to build an ongoing partnership with a company that can deliver exactly what you need today, while giving you the peace-of-mind of knowing that they can handle whatever you throw at them tomorrow.
Here is a deeper dive into why scalability is important in CNC machining.

Scaling Speed and Agility

The ability to move quickly from the development stage to the production stage is of paramount importance.
For example, not too long ago, we received an order from a client in the firearm sector. They wanted 10,000 of a part over the following 5 months. But they wanted the first part tomorrow.

We told them that we could acquire the raw materials, have the part programed, and get the first part by the end of the following week. The week after that, we could start ramping up production. That meant 3 weeks to have a reasonable amount of production. That’s really fast and we can’t always do that but we will when we can.

If you really want to scale, you need the ability to, basically, copy and paste all of that to another machine. You can then double or triple production, or you can add more people and go to weekend shifts.

That kind of flexibility is really helpful when you’re working with a company whose needs are poised to change; often with little notice.

Anticipating the Need to Scale

At Brotech, we’re looking for partners, not just customers.

We want to be your trusted partner and an integral part of your operations. Simply put, we want you to see our team as your team.

We also want to be right next to you while your business grows. Once we’ve built a trustworthy relationship, we can work together to look ahead. Brotech welcomes the challenge of being your professional problem-solvers to help you achieve growth.

We Have Succeeded Where Others Couldn’t

If you hire a scalable CNC machining company right from the very start, you don’t need to shop for another one once you outgrow their capabilities.
We have been the answer that customers have turned to after their needs exceeded their current supplier’s capabilities; in terms of volume, speed, or precision. And we take an enormous amount of pride in being the ones who tell you, “Yes we can.”

The process of looking for a new CNC machining company can be time consuming and expensive. And when it drags out too long, you risk missing opportunities and deadlines. So, be sure to pick the right company to partner with so you can ensure they’re right for you today and tomorrow.

Let’s Talk About Your Needs

Brotech has offered CNC machining services since 1995. We have built our reputation by delivering precision CNC machining where others could not. Excellence is always our target output.
We put machining excellence into every product that leaves our facilities, whether the job calls for exacting tolerances that stretch industry standards, or working with difficult and exotic materials.

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