About Us

Brotech has offered CNC machining services since 1995
At Brotech, we have built our reputation by delivering precision CNC machining where others could not.

We put machining excellence into every product that leaves our facilities, whether the job calls for exacting tolerances that stretch industry standards, or working with difficult and exotic materials.

Excellence is always our target output.


Brotech is the brainchild of master machinist and challenge junkie, Brian Wetherall. For 15 years as a machinist, Brian continuously pushed himself to perform more and more difficult jobs. He founded Brotech in 1995 on the principle that no job was too difficult. For the last 25 years, Brotech has faced numerous technical challenges. Our projects have demanded extreme tolerances, exotic materials, and seemingly impossible shapes. But we have never balked at the difficulty of a job, nor have we failed to meet the technical requirements. In several cases, we were the last stop for clients who had exhausted the technical capabilities of other shops.

During the recession of 2008, Brotech embarked on a journey to transform the company. The goal was to evolve from being a jobbing shop which could not see past then next PO from a new or existing customer, into an enterprise which engages in true customer partnerships, develops internal talent, and invests in technology and vision for the long term

We Are Driven

Extreme Technical Challenges

We are at our best when faced with challenges. Whether it is a new and complicated design, or working with a complex supply chain.


Perfectionism leads to precision- it’s that simple. We spend all day chasing perfection so we can deliver it to our clients.

A History of Achieving the Impossible

We love it when people come to us with impossible challenges that other companies haven’t been able to do.

Constant Improvement

Our DNA is our quality management system. We live it. And we use it, every day to learn from our experiences.


We are constantly trying to eliminate waste, from our job planning, to set-ups and production cycles, right through to inspection and even administration.


Machining Excellence is not just a slogan. It is a way of life for Brotech.

Machining Excellence has multiple meanings for us. We have always been machining excellence into everything we touch, from materials and tolerances, to finishes and packaging.

We also build excellence into our business processes, from customer service and quality management systems, all the way to our administrative and accounting processes. In managing our business, excellence means maintaining customer focus, working efficiently, and running lean.

We believe that Machining Excellence is not an end result. It’s an ongoing journey. On this journey, we will continue to raise the bar and bring value to all our partners, customers, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Industries We Service
We thrive on challenges and providing solutions to your toughest jobs!

Let us exceed your CNC machining expectations!

Take on a great partner. We will meet all your technical requirements of the most challenging projects.