Partnering with Brotech is truly a team activity.  We are a group of people who are passionate about what we do.  Cumulatively, we have spent more than a century acquiring skills and today we choose to work together to achieve the goal of building a great company.  At Brotech, the whole is definitely more than the sum of it parts.  Meet our leadership team:

Jerome Horowitz

Following his education in business management and accounting, Jerome spent 10 years helping to grow a small manufacturing and service business into a Canadian leader in the industrial tire market. Following the sale of this business to a global group, he spent the next 10 years with postings in the same group, in business consolidation in the US, focusing on Canadian growth and production relocation, and finally developing a global marketing team in the group’s headquarters in Europe. The last 10 years at Brotech have been spent on transforming the business from high precision job shop to the strategic machining partner to it has become today.

Brian Wetherall
Founder and Chief Technical Officer

After learning the CNC machining business and then heading up the milling section at a successful CNC machining company for 15 years, Brian decided to strike out on his own with Brotech. Over the next 15 years, Brian and Brotech developed a reputation for ultra-high precision parts. His creative approach to machining and fixturing allowed him to achieve tolerances not attainable by others. In 2010, Brian and Jerome partnered to transform and grow the business further.  Throughout Brotech’s development, Brian’s vision has always been about investing in the best technology available and training talent. That legacy continues and Brian remains an integral part of the development team, supporting new projects, as the company continues to evolve.

John McCabe
Vice President

With over 30 years in the Aerospace manufacturing business at Tier 1 and 2 Aerospace companies, John has a wealth of experience that serves him well in helping to build Brotech. John’s knowledge of manufacturing wings, landing gears, and engines has helped us reach our OTD (on time delivery) and productivity goals while maintaining our quality focus. That knowledge also comes into play as John leads our 5S transformation , the Daily Management System, and in leading the Quality team. Having a long career in supply chain management has made it natural for John to build an organization which ensures strong partnership with customers.

Mark Crosby
Production Manager

Mark hails from UK, where he went through a rigorous apprenticeship and received a Certificate in Mechanical Engineering. Upon emigrating to Canada, he joined a successful precision machining company and naturally gravitated towards leadership. Mark spent 16 years in supervisory and management roles. Upon joining Brotech in 2018, Mark’s 25 years of machining aerospace, defense, medical and oil & gas components were immediately valuable. In addition to ensuring delivery is on time, Mark takes great pride in the team work of his group, and in developing talent, from the apprentices right through to the seasoned professionals.

Puneet Sharma
Business Development Director

Puneet holds an advanced degree in Tool & Die making from India, and brought with him 25+ years of experience from India, Australia and Canada in the manufacturing, aerospace, oil & gas, and nuclear sectors.  Puneet’s network of raw material suppliers, processing companies, as well as his manufacturing experience has been critical in developing program management and nurturing customers’ growth.  Puneet’s diverse experience has helped to ensure excellence throughout all facets of the customer partnership.

Steve Handley
Quality Director

With an education in engineering, Steve spent the first 10 years of his career in aerospace. He then went on to develop his skills in the areas of Program Management and Quality Management in several manufacturing environments including aerospace, automotive, machining, and plastics. In his current role at Brotech, Steve has consolidated our quality system so that we are operating one system for the company regardless of which industry we are serving, and ensuring that our Quality system helps to bring customers value every single day.

Joshua Ware
Human Resources Coordinator / Systems Analyst

Joshua has been with the company for only a short time. With an Advanced Diploma in Business HR, Joshua has five years serving human resources functions, including recruitment. He has been critical to navigating the pandemic and supports employee development and the company’s health and safety program. Joshua has also done analysis of key business processes, and is using Microsoft Office 365 products to automate & digitize them – helping us manage overhead costs and support the management team as we continue to grow.

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