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What Does “Quality” Really Mean in Precision CNC Machining?

A lot of companies take pride in their precision CNC manufacturing quality. But what does that really mean?

In the world of CNC machining, quality is hard to quantify. It’s actually incredibly complex. To us, product quality or the QMS is just the ticket to the party. That is only the beginning of the conversation.

By definition, our industry demands an incredibly high amount of precision. But does precision equal quality? It’s much more complex than that.

Here’s a glimpse into what quality means for Brotech.

Understanding the Business of the Customer

Any time you’re looking for a precision CNC machining company (as you may be right now), experience in your given industry needs to be a must-have.

If a CNC machining company has experience working in your industry, that means they also have experience troubleshooting in your industry. They understand some of the specific challenges you face.

They can anticipate these challenges and avoid them, instead of trying to address them on the client’s time, which leads to projects going over time and over budget.

The Big Picture – where does the part go

Quality is also about asking the big picture questions. What happens to your parts once they get to the customer? Do they fit into an assembly? How are they supposed to relate to each other beyond the drawing?

Our understanding of specific industries helps us answer the big picture questions; and gives us insight into the implications of parts being at the limit of tolerance.  It also helps us respond when the customer wants to make changes to the dimensions, tolerancing, or consistency. So, experience and process control are an important part of quality.

Process Control

Let’s say you have to produce several thousand of a part. It’s important to trust that the manufacturer is able to control the process.

As a CNC machining company, the job is to deliver parts in-tolerance. But, if internal scrap rates are too high, that means making this part is now costing considerably more than expected. When you can control processes to the point where you have an internal scrap rate of less than 0.5%, it’s a lot better for both the machining company and the customer.

Ultimately, we take pride in making sure that everything that goes out the door is in-tolerance. Our clients trust us because they know that we can control our processes and avoid outliers.

Let Us Show You What Quality Should Mean

Brotech has offered CNC machining services since 1995. We have built our reputation by delivering precision CNC machining where others could not. Excellence is always our target output.

We put machining excellence into every product that leaves our facilities, whether the job calls for exacting tolerances that stretch industry standards, or working with difficult and exotic materials.

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