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The Sweet Spot: A Precision CNC Machine Shop With Big Capabilities

You have a big project. It calls for a large volume of parts, with a massive focus on precision. But that doesn’t mean you need a shop with 100+ CNC machines.

In a lot of cases, major brands entrust their big projects and partnerships to medium sized shops. They seek to find that ‘sweet spot’ of a precision CNC machine company that has the capacity to meet their needs, yet still offers competitive pricing, agility, and deep relationships.

At Brotech, we’re proud to say we’ve occupied that sweet spot for a number of big names.  Here’s why.

Capability, Agility and Adaptability

You want to find a partner who will invest in technology. You also want the peace-of-mind of knowing that they have the right technology for the job, sufficient redundancy, and operated by the best people for the job, or automated as the case may be.

You want a company that invests in talent and technology. Big projects usually have big demands. You need to know that your shop’s measuring equipment is capable of the highest level of precision, and that the people using that equipment are experienced and professional.

And most importantly, you need to know that they have the capacity to ramp up or scale their resources in a short period.

Finding a Trusted Partner

When looking for any CNC machining company, the bottom line is building an ongoing relationship and finding a trusted partner.

A recent Forbes article described this ideal relationship by saying:

“When business partners know they can trust other organizations to responsibly produce or distribute goods, they’re more likely to continue doing business with them—a form of business-to-business (B2B) customer loyalty that in turn drives greater business-to-consumer (B2C) loyalty.”

The goal is to work with someone that quickly becomes so crucial to your operations that they become part of your competitive advantage. Your trusted partner is part of how you’re able to consistently deliver on your brand promise to your customers.

When Your Needs Outgrow Your Current CNC Machining Shop

We’ve worked with a number of companies that had solid working relationships with their current CNC machining shops. However, their needs and their projects’ demands outgrew those relationships.

We recently had a would-be client come to us and say, “I’ve got a machining company. He’s a nice guy and he’s got a nice operation with 3 to 5 machines. But he doesn’t have enough redundancy or the ability to grow quickly, or an ISO 9001 quality management system. And that’s what we need.”

His needs outgrew his current shop’s ability to meet them. Asking a 5-machine shop to ramp production up to meet higher volume needs would likely be too much of a stretch, and it would be dangerous to put all of his eggs in that basket.

A lot of our conversations with would-be clients include some variation of the words, “Our old company couldn’t do  ____. Can you?” And we’re proud of how often we can say, “Yes!”

We Want to Be Your Trusted Partner

Brotech has offered CNC machining services since 1995. We have built our reputation by delivering precision CNC machining where others could not. Excellence is always our target output.

We put machining excellence into every product that leaves our facilities, whether the job calls for exacting tolerances that stretch industry standards, or working with difficult and exotic materials.

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