Nuclear Industry Components


Nuclear CNC Machining Services

Nuclear power plant components are Brotech’s specialty. We excel in ultra-high precision CNC machining. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality with the most difficult parts, using specialty materials and the best available technology. Maintaining a 5 axis vertical machining centre and state-of-the-art software demonstrate Brotech’s commitment to continuous leading edge performance.

Nuclear Industry Quality Management Standards

Brotech welcomes the scrutiny that quality assurance provides. ISO 9001:2008 Certified, as well as working according to strict internal standards, Brotech is confident that your specified quality assurance needs will be met.  Having worked for the Nuclear industry since Brotech opened its doors, our team clearly understands the strict 100% testing requirement.  Each and every Nuclear component is tested with the most up-to-date CMM technology by highly skilled technicians.  In addition, our quality management system ensures all materials are fully traceable.

CNC Machining Services

Candu Nuclear Reactors use a range of thin-walled stainless steel shielding tubes machined by Brotech. Brotech works closely with partners to deliver exactly what they expect — high quality, precision machined nuclear components, on time.