Defense Technologies

In 1995, the Department of National Defense issued a specification for a high precision investment casting for the instrumentation cooling system of the F22 fighter plane. Of all the available suppliers, they chose Brotech. The proper functioning of the F22’s instrumentation is highly dependent on the reliability of that single investment casting. For some time Brotech supplied those investment castings and to this day those F22 fighter planes continue to fly safely.

The specifications for high precision jobs become more demanding from year to year. Brotech's continuous investment in the latest equipment and creative techniques underlines its commitment to staying one step ahead of the market.


Controlled Goods Certified — ISO Certified

  • Brotech is a member of the Ontario Aerospace Council
  • Controlled Goods Program Certified (Defense)
  • AS 9100 Rev. C  Certified
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • ITAR Compliant


In the interest of helping Canadian companies derive benefits from procurements, such as new business or investments in new technologies, Canada’s IRB Policy supports federal defense procurement to engender long-term industrial development within Canada. For more information, please see IRB.