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Aerospace Machining — High Performance Alloys — Precision Machined Components

To meet their aerospace machining demands, after trying other suppliers, Rolls Royce chose Brotech. When other manufacturers couldn’t reliably meet the standards for Rolls Royce, Brotech was able to make and deliver parts that fell well within their specifications consistently and flawlessly. “We often get work because other companies have tried and failed.” Brotech was not Rolls Royce’s first choice but their last and final choice—no further selection was required. The buck stopped at Brotech.

Customers come to Brotech for a precise solution, whether it is an obscure replacement part for an out of production plane or a new product development. Brotech routinely makes parts which hold angular tolerance of one minute, and linear tolerance of 0.0001” (or 3 microns) over hundreds of parts.


High Performance Alloys

Brotech serves hi-tech industries that demand working with high performance alloys. Whether your work requires an alloy for heat resistance, corrosion resistance, or specific expansion characteristics, we can put our experience with Titanium, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, and other high-nickel alloys, to work for you. As well, Brotech routinely works with aircraft grade aluminum alloys.


Aerospace Certifications

Brotech is certified to the AS9100 Rev.C standard as well as ISO 9001:2008  and Controlled Goods Program Certified.  Brotech is also a member of the Ontario Aerospace Council.

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