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About Brotech

Brotech is the brainchild of master machinist, Brian Wetherall. For 15 years as a machinist, Brian  continuously pushed himself to perform more and more difficult jobs. He had become a challenge junkie.  In 1995, Brian founded Brotech on the principle that no job was too difficult.  Since that time, Brotech has been offered numerous technical challenges. Whether it was extreme tolerances, exotic materials or seemingly impossible shapes – Brotech has never balked at the difficulty of a job nor has it failed to meet the technical requirements. In several cases, Brotech was the last stop for clients who had exhausted the technical capabilities of other shops. The company is driven by:

  • Extreme technical challenges
  • Perfectionism
  • The desire to do the impossible

As Brotech continues to evolve as a specialist in the CNC world, we invite you to bring us your most difficult job.  That request is not an idle boast, it is an offer to let us exceed your expectations and let you take on a great partner.


  • Reputation for precision work
  • State of the art machines and equipment
  • State of the art programming
  • Ability to use full 3D solid models
  • 5 axis machines
  • High success in the toughest industry (Nuclear) proves we’re up to any challenge.